We are committed to helping people who are doing it tough in our communities to find a home:

In partnership with our parent company, Mangrove Housing, we are helping to deliver the Forgotten Women project. 

The Forgotten Women is a unique housing initiative for women over 65 years of age that is being delivered by Mangrove Housing.  


Under The Forgotten Women initiative, Mangrove Housing will purchase a series of complexes to provide safe and affordable housing to homeless women over 65. Women over 65 are sadly, the fastest growing homeless population in Australia. More than 40,000 women in Queensland over the age of 65 are ‘at risk of homelessness and/ or doing it tough’. Alarmingly, recent forecasts predict this figure is set to double by 2036.


As a grassroots charity campaign, The Forgotten Women was developed with the mission of putting a roof over the heads of as many of these vulnerable women as possible. The project will enable women over 65 to access secure, safe and affordable housing options.  


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