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Welcome to Mangrove Realty we understand that moving into a new property can be daunting, so we have designed this  page to assist you find the information and details you need to make your transition to your Mangrove Realty property as smooth as possible. 


A range of information about your tenancy including Repairs & Maintenance, Pets and other useful links and forms can be found on this page.


We are committed to providing quality, transparent services and welcome your feedback on any aspect of your experience with Mangrove Realty.

your responsibilities 

  • paying the rent according to your agreement.

  • keeping the property clean and in keeping with the condition of the property at the start of your tenancy.

  • repairing any damage, you or your visitors cause

  • don’t cause a nuisance to neighbours or disturb other tenants or residents

  • you are responsible for the behaviour of your visitors

  • you will need written permission if you wish to install fixtures or make changes to the premises

  • you will need written permission if you wish to sub-let to another tenant

  • if you want to move out, you must give written notice

our responsibilities 

  • provide you with a written tenancy agreement at the commencement of your tenancy

  • ensure premises are clean and in good repair upon commencement of the tenancy

  • ensure premises are fit to live in and kept in good repair

  • give you a copy of the RTA information booklet

  • give you a bond receipt and lodge your bond with the RTA

  • give you an entry condition report to comment on, sign and return

  • keep a record of your rent payments

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