why is property maintenance so important? 

As your property ages so does all of its components, fixtures and fittings. From the roof to the floors and everything in-between it will all need repairs and replaced as it reaches the end of its useful life. 


Maximizing the useful life of all the components of your property not only saves you money but reduces your exposure to large, unplanned financial outlays for compounding maintenance issues.  

All properties will need four types of maintenance activities during their lifespan: 

planned maintenance

Scheduling maintenance activities is a proactive way of ensuring that you prevent early deterioration of your asset and control your maintenance expenditure.   Examples include annual gutter cleaning, a schedule of painting and staining to protect surfaces etc.  

cyclic maintenance 

A planned schedule of updating or replacing the components as it reaches the end of its useful life before it completely fails.  Examples include hot water system testing and replacement, fire panel testing and replacement etc

reactive maintenance

Reactive maintenance is by default unplanned and occurs in relation to an excepted event that requires repair or replacement.  As an unplanned cost, reactive maintenance needs to be minimised through an appropriate scheduled or planned and cyclic maintenance. 


emergency maintenance  

Emergency maintenance is also unplanned but has the added legal component of requiring immediate remedy.  As an unplanned cost, emergency maintenance needs to be minimised through an appropriate scheduled or planned and cyclic maintenance. 


5 benefits of planned and cyclic 

property maintenance 

  1. helps you to get the maximum lifespan from your property and its fixtures and fittings         

  2. minimises vacancies and loss of rental income due to major repairs                            

  3. maintains the value of your asset, keeping it attractive to the marketplace                            

  4. allows you to plan and control expenditure      

  5. minimizing your risks and financial exposure to large maintenance issues that have been compounded by lack of activity 

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